Downscale Experiences

Even Fashion Jobs can be a little bit Trashy

When taking a job or internship there are many requirements not listed…

Almost every job throws unknown expectations at you! Some might even throw some trash your way.

As a fashion intern I needed to take out the trash.  These “beautiful” smelly moments I will never forget. The building, I was working in at the time was very old. It had a cranking elevator that could only fit two people. We didn’t have staff members of the build taking care of our garbage so, the intern (aka myself) was in charge! The large black garbage bags would build up making it almost impossible to fit into the old small elevator.

old .jpghandle.jpg

I had to take trips going up and down with the garbage. I will never forget standing in the elevator and my boss sarcastically saying, “Isn’t fashion glamorous!

Sometimes we only see the glamorous sides of the fashion world, I want readers to know  fashionistas can get down and dirty too!

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