Downscale Experiences

Fashion Intern by week, Magazine Distributor by weekend!

Working for a fashion magazine has been amazing experience but I want readers to know the downscale sides of doing it, like any job there is upscale and downscale aspects.

As part of my internship, almost every Thursday and Friday I would drive out into the Hamptons with a co-worker and deliver the magazines. Living in Nassau Country this was a 2 hour drive back and forth each weekend.

IMG_1118.JPGAbout 25,000 issues would be printed every two weeks. The issues would be storage in a storage unit in East Hampton.

My co-worker and I would usually make around two stops back and forth to the storage unit. We carried a list of different business that wanted our issues displayed. I would usually go into the store asking where I can leave the magazines or if the shops wanted to carry them. Some business were very nice and would say, “Thank you”, “Place them right here” or just take them. Others were very nasty, yelling at me, “NO!” “You better not leave those outside”, “Nobody wants those!” or just shoeing me away.

How does the magazine get to the customer? 

Working in this field answer this questions for me! I never really understood until now. It taught me how to take criticism and keep moving forward.

For more information about fashion internships:

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