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I got to Party with Gigi Hadid

Through my internship, I was able to attend the Gigi Hadid Vogue Eyewear launch party! The party took place at Industria Studios, New York City. The studio was transformed into a three-stage home where guests could capture moments in the kitchen cooking up treats, in the bathroom enjoying drinks out of the rose sink or sitting down at the dinner table playing cards.

Kitchen Stage with IMG Models, Vogue Eyewear & Pie!!!

The upbeat party embodied the #ShowYourVogue campaign launched this year, with special ambassador Gigi Hadid. The four new sunglasses, designed by Gigi, channel a fresh 90’s attitude that goes beyond external beauty.

Black Cat Eye Frame, Copper Rectangular Frame, Transparent Oval Frame

Gigi embodied a retro-chic look through her millennial pink lens and outfit. The head-to-toe pink leather look, shown in Kriest Fall/Winter 2017 collection made the international supermodel a real-life Barbie.


Gigi Hadid celebrated with fellow models Jordan Barrett, Andrea Pejic, Mariah Strongin, Hunter McGrady, as well as other noticeable guests, Skai Jackson, Kitty Cash, Ian Mellencamp, Cipriana Quann, , Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, Hunter McGrady, Scott Lipps, Jenny Albright, Jeremy Kost and Luanna Perez-Garreaud. Guests could try on new styles and dance to music by Alexandra Richards.

Shop the Gigi Hadid Vogue Eyewear Collection at


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