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Meet Jimmy Choo Intern: Skylar Trotta

Want to work for Jimmy Choo?

We got the inside scoop on how to land an internship with the famous shoe designer!

Meet Skylar Trotta, Summer 2017 Jimmy Choo Intern! She shares her passion for fashion, inside connection on landing the job, and future advice for aspiring young women wanting to work in the industry.

1.Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Hi! I’m Skylar and I’m currently a college student at Fordham University in the Bronx! I will be entering my senior year which means it is crucial that I gain as much experience as possible in the fashion world. I have always been passionate about the fashion industry having much appreciation for the time, articulation, and detail that goes into creating luxury products. Ranging from makeup to clothes and accessories, there is so much behind the scenes work that goes into making, marketing, and selling the products. We rely on these products every day and purchase clothes we can’t live without. Growing up, I had always been intrigued by stylists and their ability to combine certain styles that makes the look come to life! For example, throughout high school my dream was to be a high fashion stylist like Rachel Zoe…the Guru of all things Vogue! I always enjoyed picking out my outfits and combining styles with certain accessories to finding the best makeup products for my skin! However, as I entered college I started to expand my horizons through job opportunities and internships. I then began to focus my attention to other fields within the industry (product development instead of styling).

2.What is your official title at Jimmy Choo? Are you getting paid for this position?

My current internship is at Jimmy Choo in their corporate NYC office. My official title at Jimmy Choo is “Wholesale Intern”. I do not get paid but they did offer me college credit! In addition, they also pay for my transportation (metro card) and lunches every day!

There are multiple departments within Jimmy Choo which include (Wholesale, Retail, PR, Marketing, Visual Merchandising) At times, certain departments can work together on a day-to-day basis or correlate on projects. For example, our wholesale team coordinates heavily with the PR team since we are constantly sending out samples to clients. It is important that the PR team follows up with our team (wholesale) to keep an update on when samples are being sent out or are being returned to the office.

3.How did you get the Jimmy Choo internship? 

I was introduced to the Jimmy Choo internship through someone who had worked there in the past. She told me about her experience and that I should apply for the internship. Everything was done on my own! But she did discuss with me about the internship and what to expect.

Having references or any type of connection whether it being through a friend, coworker, family member is SO SO important throughout you’re internship experience. Building connections and networking is a huge part of what puts you ahead of the pack in terms of finding jobs later in the future. To have expert experience on your resume is all great, but having references who will talk on your behalf are just as/even more so valued!

Interview Process:

In terms of the interview process, this interview was a bit more challenging since I was abroad. I had less time to prepare and it had to be over the phone. At first, I thought over the phone would be easier than in person, but to my surprise the outcome was much different. For me, I am used to seeing my interviewer in person allowing you to observe body language and eye contact, making it easier to start a conversation. On the other hand, over the phone I had to be sure I was prepared for any question my interviewer might ask and to not stutter making it harder to break the ice. Nonetheless, I could answer each question thoroughly and break down my resume by explaining what I had learned throughout previous jobs and internships. It is SUPER important that you are very familiar with what is on your resume because THEY WILL ask about previous jobs even if they are from high school…. if it is relevant they will most certainly ask!

4. What is the upscale side of the internship?

Depending on where you work the benefits to an internship may vary. For example, when I worked at NARS in product development, the team encouraged me to try out samples and take them home. This meant I had an abundance of the products aka free makeup! It depends what department you’re in and the projects they are responsible for.

However, when working in wholesale specifically, the work is much more of the behind the scenes in terms of what is being shown at certain doors (meaning what shoes are being picked from the collection to be displayed in stores). Wholesale works directly with buyers to place orders for accounts such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Saks. Thus, the benefit of being an intern in wholesale is the overall experience. I listen in on the discussions between our wholesale team and the buyers for that store. It’s cool to see the process of how each shoe is specifically chosen and which ones are ruled out based on several factors (both creative and analytical). When buyers come, it is the busiest time of year for wholesale, referred to as Market. During Market, interns must be wearing Jimmy Choo shoes! This was definitely the UPSCALE side since we are able to wear the shoes every day and be more familiar with the product. Also, interns are constantly present during an appointment, which allows for a much more hands-on learning experience.

5.What is the downscale side of the internship? 

Internships will always have a DOWNSCALE side to them since interns are at the bottom of the totem pole. At times, bosses will send you on requests to pick things up, order they’re lunches, or unpack boxes. Although it might seem tedious at times, it is part of the job which we all go through it at some point. Eventually, we will be those bosses that are too busy to get up and need assistance! That is our job as interns to make our bosses lives easier for them while in return getting a valuable learning experience.

6.What advice would you give others on how to land this internship? 

There isn’t much to say more than having a solid resume showing you’re most crucial and up to date work experiences. Interviewers don’t care about what you did before high school or anything that seems irrelevant to the job you’re applying for. They want to know your work ethic and the best qualities about you that make them feel confident you are right for the position! My key advice is to over prepare for interview; know the company’s history, owner, and be familiar with their products (names, styles, etc). You never know what you might be asked about, so, it is important to study you’re resume as well as the company’s information and the department you’re interested in! DON’T BE VAGUE and BE YOURSELF.

7.Would you recommend this internship to other students?

YES. I loved working at Jimmy Choo and I could understand more of what Wholesale is about. I recommend working in departments you’ve never considered. For example, at first I thought product development or marketing would be something I’d have a potential career in. However, after doing internships in both of those departments and not feeling very passionate about them…Wholesale completely changed the game for me and I will be applying to more internships in that department!

8.What did you learn from this experience and do you feel it will benefit you in the future?

Internships are EXTREMELY important for 5 reasons:

  1. KEEP CLOSE TIES. Your previous boss could be that reference your next interviewer. That being said, connections/references are extremely important.
  2. EVERY EXPERIENCE IS IMPORTANT. Every job opportunity opens doors to new and exciting experiences; allowing yourself to try different internships is great for both your resume and to help you narrow down on what your most passionate about!
  3. THE TAKE AWAY. Each job/internship I’ve done, I have always been able to take something away from it. Whether it be how to work excel, creating and assessing certain projects, writing emails, working with other coworkers, or learning more on how other departments function. I always felt more confident moving forward already knowing how to do certain things! Jimmy Choo gave me an incredible experience and exposed me to new passions.
  4. IT’S OKAY TO MAKE MISTAKES. We are not perfect and internships are the best time to make the mistakes. Our bosses have been in our shoes although they do expect you to do your best, it’s OK to not know what to do sometimes. That is why asking questions, taking notes, and following up with a coworker or boss is so crucial to a beneficial work experience.
  5. PUT IN THE WORK & DO YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST. Even when you think no one is watching you, someone is always in the background catching the things you do, what you say, and how you act. The little things DO become noticed and are appreciated by your coworkers and bosses. While at Jimmy Choo, I’ve learned that taking initiative is something bosses admire most. Even if your work wasn’t correct, stepping forward without anyone asking is more impressive than waiting on your boss to tell you what to do.

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