Trying to Break into the Fashion Industry?…8 Online Sources that can Help

1) Fashionista

Formerly known for their fashion media, Fashionista also has a career page where many designers and companies post about looking for interns, freelance jobs, or assistants.

2)  Internqueen

Created by Lauren Berger who understand the millennial change in the work force and finding a job. She provides a website divided easily into paid, unpaid and virtual internships for students. Internqueen search engine is super easy to use! By selecting your location, year, and interested many job opportunities appear right on your homepage.

3) Linkedin

Self-explanatory. The biggest networking and business platform of this century. Most large fashion corporation use this platform to post about job positions. Such as L’Oréal, Michael Kors, Tiffany and Co, Cartier, Coach, and many more!

4) Free Fashion Internships

You can sign up by using Facebook or Twitter account, and you will be able to instantly upload your resume. The listings ranging from couture, stylists, design, to public relations. Household names such as, Harper’s BAZAAR, Moschino, Christian Louboutin, Oscar De La Renta, and more!

5) Bond Twenty

Your go-to elegant fashionista blog. It’s a place to find jobs, apartments, and events in major cities. Their job page provides available internships, such as, Sally Lapointe, Daily Front Row, and graphic design interns. They also show available services, such as needed designers, photographers, or resume building.

6) Indeed

The World’s #1 job site!

In over 60 different counties with 200 million users. Its search engine allows you filter out location, salary, job type, company, and experience level.

7) Ed2010

This resource strictly focuses on media jobs. Showing the listings of print magazine, digital editorial, brand marketing, social media jobs, and tons of editorial internships at magazines and websites. Listing showing: Elle, Vogue, Billboard, Food Network, and more!

8) Company’s own website

If there is a company out there your super passionate about. Just look up their career page! It will help direct you in where to apply and allow you to see what is available.

For more information on Fashion Internships: Check this out!

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