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What it’s really like to WERK the RED CARPET

My amazing fashion internship gave me the opportunity to work the red carpet movie premiere of Beatriz at Dinner. It was very last-minute so I quickly tried to educate myself on the stars attending — Salma Hayek, John LithgowConnie Britton, Chloe Sevigny, and John EarlyThe soirée was hosted by The Cinema Society, Roadside Attractions, and Gucci, who dressed the stars for the night.

In downtown Manhattan, the Metrograph rolled out the red carpet. Standing on the press line for my heart my bouncing out of my chest. I was incredibly nervous but I tired to think they’re  just people like myself, they have no idea I am only an intern!

What is it really like being the press at the red carpet?

Well…. I had no idea until I showed up! If  the carpet starts at 8, than typical the press needs to get there about an hour before. There is a rope sectioned off from the media to the stars. On the floor are signs taped to the ground saying what source you are repeating. For example, People, WWD, and so on. So, I stood right on and acted like I knew what I was doing. **COUGH, COUGH** I had no idea what was about to happen! #fakeituntilyoumakeit

A little intel on the film: At an elegant dinner party, cultures clash when a Hispanic healer (Hayek) and hard-nosed business man (Lithgow) express many controversies, from economic inequality to simple human kindness. Like Arteta told us, “We have all been at dinner parties where we are stuck with someone we don’t want to be with.”

Quotes from the Stars:

Connie Britton #ontheredcarpet

Britton, who plays dinner hostess Kathy in the film, weighs in on her personal hosting style. “I throw great dinner parties! Everyone always has an amazing time. I don’t cook, so everyone who comes knows they should bring their own food or it will be order-in. I am not proud of it! Despite my lack of ability to cook, they are always really fun. I do, however, provide the alcohol!”



Hayek, speaking to me about her role in the movie,This role for me is more similar than any other role I have ever played. It’s one part of me that you’re not use to seeing, then the other characters I play. It’s a lot more real than you think,…”

To see the full article of Beatriz at Dinner:



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