Upscale Experiences

Fashion Influencers turn their Baby Bumps into Brilliant Branding

What it’s like to be a Millennial Mom…

Todays, Mommy-to-be shares their pregnancy with the world. Promoting the best maternity jeans, sponsoring baby products, and creating an overall branding to their bump. Lets look at some of the major branding moments from these moms.

#BabyOntheRise by @Styleontherise


Style Blogger, Marini Harvey announce her pregnancy using the hashtag #BabyOntheRise. Her over 164K following allows herself to promote her baby bump through maternity jeans and Olay skin care.

#SomethingMini by @somethingnavy



Well-Known Style Blogger, Arielle Noa Charnas is expecting her second child. Sharing her first baby, Ruby, to her 1.1 million followers she now starts to share her second pregnancy.  She has an exclude page on her blog dedicated to baby products and clothing called SomethingMini.





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