Upscale Experiences

17 Modeling for Seventeen Magazine

My first paid modeling job happened with Seventeen Magazine.

As a young teen, I would always read each issue dreaming what it’s like to be one of the girls feature in it. I never actively pursued modeling but always had a passion for  figure skating.


Competing as a young teen, figure skating showed me the blend of beauty and skill. The director of my ice rink reached out to me and said Seventeen was looking to feature figure skaters around my age.

I was so excited that I got head shots made and submitted them right away.




Although, months and months went by, I never heard back. Then, randomly my mom received an email since I was a minor at the time that they wanted me for something else. They wanted a fit model; to take action shots. I had to submit a video of myself doing push ups, squats, and planks. I can’t even do a push up so that’s probably why I wasn’t selected again lol. Anyway, months and months went by again until randomly my mom received another email saying they wanted more photos of me. They had another job!

I was hired a few weeks later to be a “real girl” model at a mall event for Seventeen‘s new issue. They had partnered with American Rag and Macy’s  creating pop up events through different malls.

A week before the event, I had to meet with a stylist who paired myself and three other models with multiple outfits.

All the models

During the event they had us standing on platforms where we had to rotate positions and then change outfits.


Overall, it was a great experience and I hope to work with Seventeen again!

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