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Meet College Fashionista Style Guru: Chloe Felopulos

Want to know the inside perks of being a Style Guru for College Fashionista…

College Student, Chloë Felopulos shares with us the @UPSCALE_DOWNSCALEsides to multiple fashion internships her very first semester of college!

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself…

My name is Chloë Felopulosand I’m 18 years old. I started my freshman year this fall at Fordham Lincoln Centerin Manhattan. I’m studying communications with a minor in fashion studies! I’m originally from Massachusetts but am now living in New York City.

Fashion from the start was never something I needed to get. My mom said that by the age of three my bossy blonde curls and sassy walk took over dressing myself and my closet became my new toy. I was raised by creators and was always encouraged to express myself. I was surrounded by art, sculpture, construction, pottery, and music. Thanks to my parents and the chaotic but beautiful life they created for me and my siblings. I spent years in classes: dance, art, guitar (wish I kept going with that one) and even trying soccer (athleticism does not run through my veins). With fashion, I never needed lessons. I find self-expression through fashion awe-inspiring. I love the way clothes can evoke a feeling.One morning, I’ll wake up and want to style myself in an entirely different look than the day before, but that is what fashion is for. I was told from the very start to follow my bliss and that is exactly what I am trying to do. With any job comes critique and specifically in fashion, not everyone will like what you are doing. I am okay with people hating what I do and doubting what I do because despite that, the people who have and will support me, including myself, with help me create my happiest life. In the words of an amazing man,Jeremy Scott“I’ve never seen a statue for a critique.”

2) What is your official title at college fashionista are you getting paid for this position? What other fashion interns or jobs have you had?

My official title at college fashionistais a style guru! I am not currently getting paid but there are opportunities to promote companies that college fashionista collaborates with which leads to gurus receiving free merchandise. There are also events that we can attend that typically involve free handouts, gift cards and more! We have our own online community where we can send writing/photo submissions, talk to other gurus, educate ourselves, keep up to date with fashion news and more.

I also work for an online publication titled SOUL. I interviewed for this position at the beginning of my freshman year and have been a writer, contributor, and most recently a stylist since then on. I have met amazing people through both college fashionistaandsoul.I have also modeled for my friends Vienna and Andrew who have their own Depop shop – yikes vintage– which was so fun! My friend Ellie and I have a YouTube channel called, creatively, I know, “Ellie and Chloe” and post videos every Monday! Both of us love getting involved as much as possible around the city and our school. There are so many people with creative and motivated minds out there, so, being able to partner with them has been an extremely rewarding experience. Ellie and I made a video with our friend Cameron who has a clothing line called LOVEDand we also plan on helping our friend Isaiah with a fashion look book this month. Being able to participate and help with other people’s creations is truly an honor and a huge motivation for me. Since moving to the city, I have never been more inspired and encouraged to follow my dreams than I am today.

3) How have you gotten these internships and fashion jobs?

For college fashionista, I applied online and was accepted through email, and since then I’ve met some really amazing people through it. I did have to interview for SOUL, which was a very daunting idea having to interview my first week I moved to the city. I fell in love with the concept of the publication from the way it looked to the stories it told. I was asked to talk a lot about myself as a person and as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Prior to interviewing, I had to send in some submissions of writing and anything fashion related to my boss. We discussed my submissions and talked about how I could help SOULevolve. It was important for me to find confidence and trust that if this was where I was supposed to be and what I was supposed to do, that it would work out. A couple of days after my interview I received an email saying that I was now part of SOUL’s team. SOULdramatically changed my college experience from the very first week. From then on, my motivation to work, create, and write has only gone up.

4) What are the UPSCALE sides of these fashion jobs?

For college fashionista, I recently went to an event which was a three-mile run located in Soho that was hosted by the athletic brand Outdoor Voices. I met up with some girls from college fashionista along with some of my friends and were given free hats, waters, granola bars, and stickers. After our group run, we went back to the Outdoor Voiceslocation that we met up at and we were given free kombucha, face wipes, and gift cards to both Outdoor Voicesand Sweetgreen. This was an awesome event to encourage health and wellness and to get free food and merchandise!!There are always events like this going on through college fashionista. Through SOULI have had many amazing opportunities, one being the ability to go to two seasons of Fashion Week! Every second of my experiences there, I was reminded why I want to do what I do.

5) What are the DOWNSCALE sides of these fashion jobs?

I have not been involved in college fashionista for too long or been exposed to a lot of the upscale and downscale sides they have to offer. I think one of the tedious things, though, is when college fashionista generously send you merchandise from their collaborations, often times with Primark, there are specific qualifications you have to follow to promote the items on social media. This is understandable as each guru is responsible for representing college fashionista, so their stress on appropriately posting postures is reasonable! For SOUL, the downscale stuff includes emails and meetings but in all honestly, I enjoy doing both for SOUL!

6) What advice would you give others on how to land these fashion jobs?

College fashionistais a very welcoming and diverse community and have a great acceptance rate! I think if you are interested, definitely apply! The online application didn’t take too long but once I was accepted, I had to fill out a more extensive survey with specifics on my interests and personal style! I think college fashionista is a great place to explore your interests and passions as well as meet people with those things in common! Be confident and honest, it does not hurt to apply!

7) What did you learn from this experience and do you feel it will benefit you in the future?

I am already learning and doing so much through college fashionistaas well as meeting so many cool people–all things that will help me grow and develop as a person. Meeting people interested in the same thing as you is super motivating and interesting to hear their stories and share dreams–you never know who you could possibly end up partnering up with or becoming best friends with! I learned that it is important to start doing what you love as soon as you can.Even though, my main course load at school is required-core based right now, I am filling my free time up with things related to fashion that keep my passion going.

8) Would your recommend college fashionista to other peers?

I would definitely recommend college fashionistato anyone!It is a great start to begin exploring internships and opportunities in fashion or other creative fields. College fashionista is also very adaptable to ones schedule meaning you chose how involved you want to be, so if you have another internship or job, you can still help out!

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