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Identical Twins share the same Instagram, Major, and Job by working for

The Spring semester of 2018 brought new innovate fashion to college students! Named one of the world’s most innovative company rewardStyle, launched a campus brand ambassadorship through the famous app is a go-to shopping app that allows users to take screenshots of their favorite trendsetter on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. By simply screenshotting a look, users get the whole outfit sent to them via email instantly! Driving more than $700 million in sales,  is expanding its digital focus to students.

By selecting fashion forward campus ambassadors, launched Using the #LTKloves hashtags college ambassadors can make their fashion style a statement across the nation. We got the inside scoop on how the program works from twins Emily and Ellie Stotts. They are both at Indian University.

1) Meeting Emily and Ellie Stotts…


Hey guys! We are Louisville- native twins that are 22 years old. Finishing our senior year at Indiana University having the same majors and minors–Media Adverting and Business. Although, when attending IU we wanted to be Apparel Merchandising majors but switched to media because we felt there was more opportunities!  In high school, we model for a local boutique where our fashion passion shined. By also creating an on and off fashion Instagram that was hard to keep up with at that time. This summer we have continue with @emilyandellieblog and are taking it more seriously. Feel free to follow! We love how the fashion industry is now creating advertising through social media influencers.

2)  What is your official title at and are you getting paid for this position?

We are campus ambassadors for LTK and do not get paid but we do get awesome gift packages and prizes! Every month all of the have to compete in a challenge and whoever wins gets a prize. We won the first challenge and receive a $500 spa day!!

3) How did you get this position?

We saw this opportunity on Instagram! We sent in an application to be the campus ambassador for Indiana University and were accepted!

4) What are the UPSCALE sides of the ambassadorship?

The upscale side of our ambassador position would be the monthly rewards! You must give it your all to win! The prizes are amazing so all the put up a steep competition! We love how this program has connected different college-age bloggers from different schools all over the US. (I think there is even an ambassador in the UK)!

5) What are the DOWNSCALE side of the ambassadorship?

There honestly are not any downsides of this ambassador program! We are so lucky to be a part of it! We could say a downside is that you put in what you get out. So, if you don’t complete the competition that month you couldn’t get any points or a prize. It’s competitive!

6)What advice would you give others on how to land this position?

Definitely follow on Instagram, start a blog (especially if you have been wanting to.. don’t wait!), and be active on social media! This is a great program and anyone interested should be on the lookout to fill a position for the following year!

7) What did you learn from this experience and do you feel it will benefit you in the future? 

We were familiar with Rewardstyle, but not the  app. Now, we feel we have gotten the hang of app and are strategizing on how to use it grow our following. We also have been learning so much more about the blogging world and we love it!

 8) Would you recommend this internship to other peers?

YES! We love the campus ambassador program and are honestly so sad that it will be coming to an end soon when we graduate 😦

9)  Anything else you would like to tell us or provide advice for fashionistas! 

Our biggest advice would be not to wait to do what you love! We have always loved fashion and wanted to start blogging but waited until 2017 to start doing it! We always beat ourselves up about where we could be now in the fashion/blogging world if we would have started years ago.


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