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The semester of Spring 2018 brought new innovate fashion to college students! Named one of the world’s most innovative company rewardStyle,  launched a campus brand ambassadorship through the famous app is a go-to shopping app that allows users to take screenshots of their favorite trendsetter on Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. By simply screenshotting a look, users get the whole outfit sent to them via email instantly! Driving more than $700 million in sales, is expanding its digital focus to students.

By selecting fashion forward campus ambassadors, launched Using the #LTKloves hashtags college ambassadors can make their fashion style a statement across the nation. We got the inside scoop on how the program works from twins Emily and Ellie Stotts but we wanted to share Sophia Herandex experience as well! All being but with different perspectives of what that really means!

Meet Sophia Herandez…

Hi! I’m 19 years old and from Miami, FL. I’m currently at Florida State University studying mass Mmedia communications in the hopes of becoming a reporter! Since I was little, I have always loved fashion. I would take my mom’s magazines and keep the pages I loved. In a binder, I would organize based on content and season. In high school, I started to love all things DIY— (Do it yourself), whether that was revamps on an old pair of shorts or creating jewelry. The DIY movement is a reintroduction of old patterns, clothes, and self-development of styles.


My love for accessorizing lead to the opening of “Sophia’s Designs”, my small business where I would sell my handmade jewelry. I loved coming up with new designs, putting them together, and then ultimately seeing the customers’ reaction. Going into college, I had done some modeling for fashion companies and for a fashion magazine. In school, I wrote, modeled, and was managing editor for the on-campus magazine. My love for fashion only grew stronger and I wanted to continue using it as a vehicle for self-expression.

What is your official title at and are you getting paid for this position?

I am a student ambassador, part of the first ever college class of “ loves”. Myself, along with 25-30 other students across the nation are responsible for promoting the brand to other individuals in our demographic. It is not paid, but every month we have challenges. We must complete these challenges and if we do, we get paid in what are called “ Coins”. The person that has the most at the end of the year gets to become an official blogger along with other prizes. And the first, second, and third winner of every month gets different prizes along with “ Coins”.



For example, one of the challenges I won earned me $200 towards American Airlines and doubled my Coins. Although there aren’t any other in Florida, I do manage to connect with the other girls via Instagram and social media. We are all very supportive of one another and our individual styles!

3) How did you get this internship/position? reached out to me via Instagram, and the rest is history! explained the new program they were launching and how I could apply. I believe I had to fill out an application with my social media outlets and answer questions about myself and why I wanted to be a “”. I was shocked when I got picked; I have never considered myself a blogger prior, so it was surreal… I figured what the heck! I’m the kind of person that takes every opportunity that comes my way, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put myself out there.

 4) What are the upscale sides of the job?

The perks of being are great! People always talk about the free stuff and that’s a big reason as to why I initially decided to be a part of the program. I think the most awarding thing about being a is that you get to connect with other people and even at times help them! I always get messages about skincare, haircare, fashion tips, and I love helping out. I love sharing what I know and with other individuals who are passionate about beauty and fashion. Their responses and feedback help me to see what I can also do differently or improve on.


Also, being a part of the platform of as opposed to blogging on your own, has its benefits. Companies want to collaborate with you which makes the process much easier, and we are given opportunities and products just for being a There’s definitely never a dull moment!

 5) What are the downscale side of the job?

The program is all via social media and email so we never have meetings or office days. The content we produce and work that goes into completing the challenges is a solid effort, at times it can be really difficult! I think a lot of times people see the cool and beautiful pictures and think it just happens out of nowhere. But there’s a lot of thought process, taking the time to come up with concepts and setting aside time to actually execute whatever the project is. As a , we have monthly challenges but also random challenges throughout the month—add on school, social life, and other extracurricular and you’ve got yourself a full plate! It’s important for me to try to plan everything out so that my followers stay engaged and I can keep growing my brand. It’s a lot of work but it has definitely been worth it!

6) What advice would you give others on how to land this internship/job?

 I think to become a love or an intern in general, the important thing is to put yourself out there and be yourself. Employers like to see personality and a strong work ethic, but it’s also SUPER important to be able to be comfortable communicating, and ultimately just doing you! If they’re interested in you it’s for a reason, you just have to prove your worth.

7) What did you learn from this experience and do you feel it will benefit you in the future? 

 The program is still underway, so I’m excited to see what will happen after this school year ends. But, I believe this program has taught me a lot about branding and how I want others to perceive me, not only as a blogger, but as a person. It can be difficult marketing yourself on social media, there’re a lot of opinions and criticism, so it’s important to be level-headed and remember the kind of image you want to evoke. I think it took me to realize that and I’m just starting to get the hang of it, so I’m excited to see what the future holds for my blogging career.

 8) Would you recommend this internship to other peers?

 I recommend this to people who want to become bloggers! The program isn’t so much an internship as it is a kick starter to becoming a successful blogger. We are constantly being put to the test (literally) and are competing with one other to see who has the best content for the project. It’s about being able to produce enjoyable and relatable content all while showing your personal style and voice.


If blogging isn’t your thing, my golden rule is to find something you love and take it in stride.When you are looking for a job, employers want to see something that shows for your work, so maybe partaking in a school club or reaching out to a small local business could be a great way to start. Never settle and never be afraid to put yourself out there because the next opportunity could be around the corner.

9) Anything else you would like to tell us or provide advice for fashionistas! 

Never think that you can’t do something! I am lucky to be surrounded by friends and family that are examples of confidence and going after their dreams. Always seize every opportunity that comes your way, but also don’t overdo it. Know when it’s okay to say no. Learn what’s going so you can benefit yourself and your career. Whatever you want to do is achievable, you just should go out there and do it!

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