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This Summer 2018 APP is going to Change Our Environment & the Way We Shop.

Want to turn your closet in FAST CASH…


UNItiques is relaunching as RELOVV

UNItiques (you-ni-tiques) is a way to buy & sell clothes on 600 campuses. Meet up with sellers from your school, or shop items with 2-day free shipping from college students nationwide. Turn your closet into cash! UNItiques is being re-branded and re-named “Relovv” this Summer 2018 when they launch their app!

Join the waiting list on and you’ll get some money to spend on our app when it launches! 

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  1) Meet Alex Shadrow…

I’m Alex Shadrow and are 25 years old. I went to Boston University (Go Terriers!) Class of 2015. I was always a window shopper, I wanted things but felt they were absurdly expensive. Conversely, I detested the super cheap things, I knew instinctively they were made irresponsibly or downright inhumanely. That’s what got me into second-hand as a consumer.


That being said, I never thought I’d be in this industry. It just kind of “happened” by accident when I tried to sell some clothes in college.

Nothing worked – Poshmark, Depop, Tradesy all seemed to be a lot more focused on luxury items – did you know less than 10% of items on their platforms get sold!?

Anyways, I created my own page to sell stuff and it blew up. I had created a business almost overnight and constantly needed more inventory. That’s when I turned to other sellers and suddenly and accidentally started a marketplace.

Timeline of Unitiques

2014: Start at Boston University.

2015: Expand to other campuses in Boston. Won Boston University’s Best New Venture and was named Face of Sustainability of 16,000 students.

2016: I’m a contestant on Project Runway Startup and I win!


2017: I join Entrepreneur Magazine’s show Elevator Pitch and I win!

2018: Prepare for the launch and rebrand of Relovv – which is for EVERYONE, not just students.

“Tons of non-winning moments in between. But those are the highlights! Gotta love the highs and lows of startup life.”

2) What is the overall mission / message your company sends?

Our mission, especially with Relovv, is to #ReduceReuseRelovv in the 2nd most wasteful industry in the world: Fashion.

Our customers mainly age 12-30 so we have stylish inventory and brands for less – our average price point is $30 as compared to Posh or Depop at over $75.

 3) What are the UPSCALE sides of creating your own company?

I think seeing your vision go from idea to reality is extremely cool! Some of my friends are getting married and having kids, I’m just married to my company and the app is my new baby!

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 3.35.30 PM.png

Also, making a difference and saving over 250,000lb of clothing from landfills so far is extremely rewarding. Sustainability always has been and always will be my passion and purp

 4) What are the DOWNSCALE sides of creating your own company?

Someone told me starting a company is like jumping off a cliff and building a parachute on your way down. That is so true.

Sometimes you feel like you’re going to hit the ground, and a lot of times you really do hit ledges. It’s all on you and that can be quite scary / stressful. When I get stressed I simply remind myself that if I was not doing this, I would miss it so much. That thought always gets me through and gets me back to a “too blessed to be stressed” place.

5) What advice would you give others who want to start a line/company on their own?

Your business is not what you think it is, it is what your customers think it is! Make sure you get out there and talk to your customers so you can align your product and brand with what the market wants! The customer is queen.

6) Anything else you would like to tell us about Unitiques— which relaunching as Relovv ! 

Relovv is going to be amazing! We have a patent-pending Relovv feature that allows members to sell each other’s items by Relovving them. That’s right, you can go and Relovv other people’s stuff to earn money and points.

You don’t want to miss this: to get signed up for the app.

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