This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

In life, everything is a balance… just like in fashion! Sometimes you need to #upscale your outfit and other times you’re in sweats, having a #downscale day. Upscale Downscale is designed to educate eager fashionistas on the industry.

Upscale Downscale was created by Gabriella Scaramucci, a college graduate and past extensive fashion intern. She has found the digital fashion world to be super busy and wants to categorize her ideas. She has been lucky enough to worked various internships, seeing the #upscale and #downscale sides of the industry. She wants to show readers both sides of the fashion world through her real stories, ideas, and resources.

We hope Upscale Downscale helps balance your fashion needs. By organizing our website into Upscale & Downscale– Products, Outfits, and Experiences, we provide readers with clarity. Whether you want to buy the one of a kind designer item or shop the sale; Upscale Downscale provides you with the latest resources. Additionally, having a Fashion Resource section on internships and information we provide inside knowledge of the industry. Fashion is a tough and hard-working industry; we want to show all sides of the exciting world.

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